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The digitization will keep on growing, we have to realise this to use it in a more positive and efficient way, this motivates me to continue designing and re- thinking concepts. 

Light Circle was created by experimenting with the use of different plastics and colour pigments in the centrifuge. This has resulted in the caps where the color and material has created their own pattern. The materials discovered the design of the product. The armature was later shaped with the help of the material. The footwork is moulded with the plastic and has also acquired its own character.

The digitalization will keep on growing, this product will approach this in a more positive and efficient way. 

Hyperfocus will make the users more aware of their work behaviour at flexible workspaces. By moving with the shapes and different lights the user will receive signals which tell him or her when to leave the digital screens. And forces them to take a moment for theirselves. A moment they deserve and need to gain optimal flexibility. 










More soon.



Light and sound come together in one design, the round shapes of the note determine the solidification function. The latex also gives a function, the flexibility due to the vibrations of the speakers is in motion and the structures start to 'dance'.


The appearance of the product is designed to listen to relaxing music and entertain the product.

We want to bring people back into contact with nature and let them produce their own vegetables.

Green Cuisine offers an app controlled, solar powered vegetable growing system. It is an energy source for indoor living spaces which encourage households to become more veg-autonomous.


By growing vegetables at home without the pesticides of the big agriculture, Green Cuisine brings back to the user the joy of growing their own food. And thanks to its self sufficient powering system this is made in the easiest way.




More soon.

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